About Us


Remembrance of things past,…

…continuity of club traditions and…

awareness of the splendid women from long ago whose names grace faded club yearbooks…

…explains our club’s resilience.


Every year the club’s calendar of fourteen meetings includes:

  • Christmas Bazaar in November
  • Musical Christmas program in December
  • Social Service Day in January, during which a community sewing project is completed
  • Drama Day in March
  • Gala Day Fashion Show and Luncheon in April
  • Annual Meeting in May that marks the end of the club year.

These events are pulled off always by bustling committees with verve and enthusiasm, they never grow stale.

The club’s most important missions are connected to several of these annual rituals, as well as raising money to maintain the house and giving back to the community through charitable donations and scholarships.


The objective of the Club shall be the mutual enrichment of its members through fellowship in an environment that encourages learning. The Club also serves as an energizing force for the good of the community and a caretaker of its historic clubhouse.



Co-Presidents:  Barbara Dykman & Jan Deardorff

Vice President: Donna Brigman

Recording Secretary:  Joanne Hee

Corresponding Secretary: Kathy Bidelman

Treasurer: Patricia Fulton 


Ypsilanti Ladies’ Literary House Foundation 

Chairperson:  Jean Nelson

Treasurer: Ursula Du Fresne 

Secretary:  Joyce Novak

Clubhouse Use:  Mary Bowman

Supplies:  MaryBeth Strassel

Trustee:  Cathy Day

Trustee: Kathy Nimelli